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Northbridge Business Systems can help you stay connected to your virtual world in the real world.


Legacy of Leadership

Northbridge devs have 25 years of combined experience in SL. Our staff of world-renowned content creators are the go-to experts on virtual world development.


Good to Grow

Every step of the way, Northbridge is there. By leveraging our world-class infrastructure, we can provide you with connectivity services for boutique sellers and mega superstores alike.


Trusted by Thousands

Northbridge manages the market-leading Gentek Telecom network and provides business support services for NTBI, one of Second Life's largest partnerships of content creators.

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Proud to be a member of NTBI.

As the largest automotive and urban roleplay partnership since 2008, the NTBI Group prides itself on pushing the boundaries of what is possible in Second Life. Our in-house web services have empowered us to make strategic market decisions and simplified the business management experience so we can focus on innovation. Northbridge represents the technology and business services arm of NTBI, which allows us to integrate advanced web services into our everyday products to enhance the user experience.

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